Elite Non-Veg, welcome you to the world of non-veg’s.

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Fish are conveyed cleanly through a solitary start to finish cold chain supply that guarantees steady newness from ranch to table without freezing or presenting Fish and many more to any additives or water. Richer taste, better health No antibiotics, no preservatives. The texture, color and tenderness of farm fresh Fish are distinct and wholesome.

Elite Non-Veg are committed to provide quality sea foods items, fresh and carefully chosen. Our all products are 100% chemical free !!!!!

In our busy lives, we frequently accept what’s convenient. Today, most of us do not have easy access to high quality, As a result, our priorities have shifted far from tradition, authenticity and purity toward accessibility and compromise. What if we were to form authentic and pure whole meats more accessible? So accessible we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep. At Elite, we believe in tradition, values and the goodness of fresh meat. Experience the taste, texture and tenderness of farm fresh meat delivered straight from top quality farms. No more trade offs, no burden, only the unquestionable, sweet smell of succulent, all-common meat.


Barely any fundamental course nourishments are as flexible in arrangement and as all around held onto as chicken. Each nation and culture has at any rate one famous dish made with it, and its propensity to receive flavorfully to various cooking styles just helps its prominence.


Fish is one of the least fatty and most advantageous wellsprings of creature protein. It's normally tasty and has a low measure of fats. Although more grounded in surface than chicken and sheep, it makes for a flexible fixing that is ideal for currying, braising, broiling, stews and grills.


Meat from goats is one of the leanest and healthiest sources of animal protein. It's naturally flavorful and has a low amount of fats. Although more grounded in surface than chicken and sheep, it makes for a flexible fixing that is ideal for currying, braising, simmering, stews and grills.